Lou can advance secondary law via more insight on more niches from practicing lawyers. can expand access to legal information and services. can empower lawyers to build a name. can develop blog post ideas within your desired area or on a specific subject. can summarize your posts for easy sharing on social media. can assist in proofreading writing and suggesting changes to fit a specific tone. can suggest title options for maximum engagement. can summarize documents and stories to include in your writing. can interface directly with ChatGPT with a free-flowing AskLou tool. can amplify the passion and voices of blogging lawyers.

Join us in early access and help shape the future of legal publishing with Lou.

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Two Decades of Trust, Now Powered by AI

Lou further improves the LexBlog Platform, a software solution that has been the preferred choice for more than 50% of the world's leading firms.

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Save your legal professional's time.

Lou enables legal professionals to publish posts and articles 30% faster than before. Spotted an inspiring article for a potential blog? Let Lou seamlessly integrate it into your post within seconds. Experience a new level of efficiency and productivity that empowers your legal professionals to focus on what truly matters.

Simplify the publishing process for marketing teams.

Lou is great at knocking out some of the more tedious tasks—like coming up with post ideas or summarizing a piece’s key takeaway, while also proofreading and suggesting relevant titles. This can be a real time-saver without even realizing it.

Nail down the right tone.

Uncertain if your message hits the mark? The tone of your post has the power to reshape the reader’s perception. With Lou by your side, you can refine your voice for optimal impact.

Social sharing made easier.

Looking for good tweet copy but need some help understanding the post? Lou is there. Shorter versions of blog posts make great LinkedIn shares—Lou can summarize those.

Let Lou inspire you.

The hardest part of blogging is often just getting started. Ask Lou for post ideas in your niche. Then ask Lou to create some possible sections for good post ideas. And just like that, you’re good to go! Oh, and of course, interface directly with ChatGPT in whatever way you desire, with the free-flowing Ask Lou tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Lou?

Amplify the Passion and Voices of Blogging Lawyers: By providing a space for lawyers to share genuine narratives and firsthand insights, more often and on more niches.

Advance Secondary Law: More insight on more niches from practicing lawyers - in addition to academics - so as to expand analysis and discussion of primary law.

Expand Access to Legal Information and Services: Facilitating a platform where legal professionals can address a greater range of subjects with authenticity and depth so as to help consumers of legal services - corporate and consumers - find information and identify the best legal professional.

Empower Lawyers to Build a Name: Assist lawyers in building a robust personal brand and fostering business growth, enhancing the lives of themselves and their families.

Do you have to have a blog with LexBlog to use Lou?

Yes, Lou is exclusively available for blogs hosted on LexBlog. The tool is built on WordPress's Gutenberg editor and is offered as an add-on within our platform. This ensures seamless integration and optimal performance for LexBlog users.

How can bloggers benefit from using this tool?

By providing inspiration, improving grammar, assisting in marketing efforts, and offering a freestyle chatbot tool, Lou helps bloggers generate ideas and create content more efficiently. It offers suggestions to enhance the quality of your content.

Is Lou available internationally or just in specific countries?

Lou is available internationally, allowing bloggers from around the globe to take advantage of its AI-powered features. Whether you're blogging from New York or New Delhi, Lou is designed to enhance your content creation process.

Is Lou intended for individual bloggers, or can it be used by teams?

Lou is versatile enough to cater to both individual bloggers and larger content creation teams. Whether you're a solo blogger looking to streamline your writing process or part of a team aiming for cohesive and high-quality content, Lou has features designed to meet your needs.

Where and how can I access Lou?

Lou can be accessed by clicking the “AskLou” button in the upper-right corner of the post editor. There are no specific technical requirements; it's designed for easy and seamless use.

How can I use Lou to adjust the writing style of my blog content?

With the 'Writing Style' tool, you can select from available styles like "More professional" or "More concise”. Once a style is selected, Lou will apply the chosen style to your content, showcasing changes directly in the body paragraphs.

Can Lou help me prepare my blog content for sharing on social media platforms?

Absolutely! Once your post is published, Lou offers share tools to help you draft tweets, craft engaging summaries for Facebook, LinkedIn, and even create summaries suitable for email newsletters.

Is Lou compliant with GDPR and other data protection regulations?

Yes, Lou is fully compliant with GDPR and other relevant data protection regulations. We prioritize the privacy and security of our users' data, implementing stringent measures to ensure that your information is handled responsibly and securely.

How does Lou enhance the blogging experience?

Lou is designed to seamlessly integrate AI-powered features into your blog editor. It offers predefined buttons to help you generate various content elements, such as subheadings and social media posts, directly based on the article you're writing.

Is there support available for using Lou?

Yes, we offer customer support through our support center, training materials, and Success Team. A resource center will also be available to assist you.

Join us in early access and help shape the future of legal publishing with Lou